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15 songs!!!

2010-11-11 14:03:00 by LavitzSlambert

Damn, I'm up to 15 songs, I have a full CD on the portal XD.

Although my work isn't necessarily appreciated, Ima keep making 'em!! >:D

1 year...

2010-06-14 18:41:35 by LavitzSlambert

Man, 2 days ago made 1 year since I submitted my first song...time flies....

Thanks to all who supported me for this year ^^


2010-04-06 17:51:02 by LavitzSlambert

Woohoo, My actraiser remix is on the portal, I'm happy. I really hope it does well!

A REAL DNb song is out!

2009-09-29 23:34:54 by LavitzSlambert

Ok, let's forget the epic failure I got right before this and concentrate on the NEW song: [Light In Darkness]! This one IS DNB and nothing else ;). Listen, enjoy and vote to it ^^

extension completed

2009-07-15 21:32:09 by LavitzSlambert

yep, it's done. A drop in the ocean as gained more then a minute :D hope you like it, check it out :D

The extension of my second song A drop in the ocean is progressing bit by bit, I really lack inspiration for the piano...

Plus, an...event in my life makes it so I really don't feel like making songs right now...thus delaying it more....

I'd take a wild guess and say from now to 2 weeks from now, it should be done.

Yay, my second is out. It's an ambient song called "A Drop In The Ocean", check it out, rate it, comment about it ^^

First song out!!

2009-06-13 22:08:21 by LavitzSlambert

My first song is out on the portal yay!! check it and vote and comment !! XD

Fl studio

2008-07-08 02:49:50 by LavitzSlambert

If anyone lives in Montreal and knows very well how to use Fl studio. I'd be really glad to meet you :) . I want to learn how to use it (even though it's only the demo), but I don't like watching the tutorials or whatever video, I want someone to explain it to me in person.Thank you if you're willing to help me :).

P.S.: si vous parlez juste Francais, c'est correct aussi.