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Entry #9

15 songs!!!

2010-11-11 14:03:00 by LavitzSlambert

Damn, I'm up to 15 songs, I have a full CD on the portal XD.

Although my work isn't necessarily appreciated, Ima keep making 'em!! >:D


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2010-12-06 19:37:50

oh screw no one liking them man. you have your times. all i say is do one that you feel from your heart and pub;ish it, not what you feel sounds good. you live by that you might as well not write music but be a rater. feel your music and never NEVER say your music isnt liked

LavitzSlambert responds:

oops, sorry for responding so late (I feel bad now)

Thank you thank you thank you. You warm my heart, you really do. Your words are so true too. I don't submit my music because I think people may like it, I do because I like it, because I feel it's complete...

thanks again and again,